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Athletes In Motion, has been producing quality television shows, commercials and corporate videos in the OC and nationally for over 18 years.
We are very proud to be a sponsor of their programming.

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How To Provide Artwork

Providing art for a custom printed item is easy.
Below are a few tips for sending artwork.
Email artwork files to

Acceptable Software Applications:

Adobe Illustrator
Corel Draw (files saved as .cdr or .cmx)
Storage Formats:

We CANNOT accept the following formats:

We cannot print directly from any word processing files like PageMaker, Power Point, or Microsoft Word. We can use these files as examples of what the art needs to look like and recreate them in the proper format.

Forms Of Artwork
Vector Artwork (Preferred for most items.)
Vector Art ExampleVector artwork is an image created of points and paths. This results in artwork that is editable, scalable, and able to be separated for spot color reproduction.
Common Vector file formats include:
.ai .fh(x) .cdr .indd .qxd
(These formats may also contain raster artwork.)
Raster Artwork (Great for digitally printed and full color items.)
Raster Art ExampleRaster artwork is an image created of many pixels. This results in artwork that is not editable, scalable, or able to be separated for spot color reproduction.
Common Raster file formats include:
.jpg .bmp .psd .tif .pcx

Art Reminders
Convert all fonts to paths or curves. (Text converted to paths can no longer be edited as text.)
For Mac users, an alternative is to include both screen and printer fonts.
Multiple color jobs should be created using spot color mode rather than process color mode.
If possible, send proofs of color separations for multiple color jobs.
Include all EPS and Tiff files used in creating your document.
Do not email files larger than 2 or 3 meg. Large files should be saved to a zip disk than mailed or shipped to us.
When creating artwork, remember that our printing process requires the "trapping" of colors on multi-color jobs.

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We pride ourselves on our ability to handle a diverse range of projects and customers,
from a special event at an elementary school to trade show giveaways for a major corporation.

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