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Athletes In Motion, has been producing quality television shows, commercials and corporate videos in the OC and nationally for over 18 years.
We are very proud to be a sponsor of their programming.




Custom Bike Team Jerseys Size Charts

What size you wear will depend on a combination of upper body breadth and overall weight. Please use these charts as guidelines, contact us if you are unsure, or if your measurements have no size assigned.

Click here for women's sizes.

Click here for men's sizes.


Weight in pounds, bra with cup size.
If your chest is proportionally large for your weight, you may need to size up.

Women's Weight and Bra SizeMatrix for Jerseys and Tops
Weight Range


34B 34C 34D 36A 36B 36C 38B 38C
90-110 XS-S XS  XS  XS S S S
- -
110-120 XS XS  XS  S S S S - -
120-130 XS XS  XS  S S S M - -
130-140 S S  S  S S S-M M M -
140-150 S S  M  M S M M M -
150-160 S S  M  M M M M L L
160-170 - S  -  - M
170-180 - -  -  - M L L L L
180-190 - -  -  - L L XL XL XL
 190-210  -  -  -  -  - -
 -  XL  XL
 210-225  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  XL  XL
We offer short-waisted sizing for women! Whether you are actually petite, or if your are 5'10" with legs up to your chin, we have the size for you!  Email us to find out how we do it, and how we can make your sizing experience great.

Weight in pounds, Chest in inches.
If your chest is proportionally large for your weight, you may need to size up.

Men's Weight and Chest Size Matrix for Jerseys and Baselayers
Weight Range in lbs


35"-37" 38"-39" 40"-41" 42"-43" 44"-46"
95-120 lbs XS XS  S  S - -
125-130 lbs XS S  S  S M -
140-150 lbs S S  M  M M -
155-165 lbs - M
 M  M-L L -
175-185 lbs - M-L
 L  L L -
185-195 lbs - M-L  L  L L-XL XL
195-205 lbs - call
205-215 lbs - call  XL  XL XL XXL
215-235 lbs - -  -  XXL XXL 3X-Stout

Click here for customized bike team jersey prices.

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Further info on weight and and also size
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