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Athletes In Motion, has been producing quality television shows, commercials and corporate videos in the OC and nationally for over 18 years.
We are very proud to be a sponsor of their programming.




Customize Bike Team Jerseys With Photographic Images
Putting a photo on a customized bike jersey is a great way to put your stamp on a ride.  Whether it is your company, your family, or your hobby, you've got a photo that will tell a story across your chest, back, sleeves or pocket. Follow these guidelines to create a great bike team jersey.
  • Send the largest (highest resolution) image you can.
  • The images below explain what is important about sizing and main elements of your photo.
  • Contact us with any questions about customizing bike jerseys with photos. 949-753-1975
Your original photo Photo is enlarged to the
largest size
Smallest size gets cut out

Your original photo will be resized by our art department. Send us the larges photo possible for the best results!

The image must extend outside of all the cut lines of the largest size (purple lines on the Design Sheet). Note here that though the Sailboat is in a perfect spot, what about the Space Needle?

Be sure that you choose an image so that the important elements of the image will still show within the cut lines of the smalles size. In this case, your small riders will not have a Space Needle on their jersey...

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